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Wayne Quilliam

Co-Producer/ Cinematographer

Internationally celebrated Aboriginal artist A. Professor Wayne Quilliam is one of Australia’s pre-eminent modern-day storytellers, curators, and cultural advisors. His award-winning career includes the coveted NAIDOC Indigenous Artist of the Year, National Photographic Portrait Award, Human Rights Award, Walkley Award, and nominated as a Master of Photography by National Geographic.

Wayne’s work transcends the confines of a traditional ethnographic narrative through multi-sensory art, film and sound instillations. Shaped by culture, society and history, every creation is an inclusive, exquisitely realised artwork speaking of connection and isolation, of loss and discovery and importantly, relativity.

“Imagine a complex evolutionary society with continuous connection to a belief system that pre-dates modern comprehension. Tribes of individuals that base their conscious existence on ‘Creator Spirits’, entities travelling the earth forging rivers, mountains and living beings whilst imparting them with knowledge of law, culture and kinship, which modern society has labelled the ‘Dreaming’. Diagrammatically, these interconnecting “Dreaming” narratives forged by the spirits, a myriad of transecting pathways intersected by hubs to create complex and intricate patterning. The “Dreaming” is of a morphological nature, constantly shifting concepts and evolutionary principles intertwined with changing environments and sophisticated ideals”, Wayne contextualises.

Wayne brings over 30 yrs experience as photographer, artist, film maker, drone cinematographer, author, and cultural adviser, around the globe.

Wayne is currently in pre-production as Co-Producer and Cinematographer for Ultrafilms documentary 'The Climate Keepers' scheduled for release mid 2023.

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